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Fort Worth Sexual Abuse Attorney

When an accusation is made against a person for a crime involving sexual abuse, emotions can run high and fingers are easily pointed. It can be easy to jump to a hasty conclusion, and that’s what often happens, especially when the victim is a child. No one wants to see a child abused, but these emotions can cause the law to lean against the person facing the accusation. Defending yourself against a sexual offense involving a minor can be daunting and may seem hopeless.

With the help of an attorney, though, you can fight against these allegations. This does not have to ruin your future opportunities and choices. A skilled lawyer in Texas can make sure that your rights are upheld when people are ready to jump to conclusions. Whether you have been maliciously accused or you are the victim of a misunderstanding, an attorney can make sure that the court hears your side of the story too.

Putting Our Experience to Work for You

Stuckle & Associates PLLC have over a decade of experience defending those facing the same situation that you’re in. We have focused their areas of practice to sexually related offenses, and they are very familiar with the processes that you’ll be facing and the laws that dictate your options. Our attorneys can help you through the complex legal battle ahead of you and make sure that you understand the consequences of each decision.

A charge of sexual abuse is stressful and overwhelming, but our attorneys can help ease your mind with confident representation even in the most difficult situations. We are determined to see your rights upheld and to ensure you are treated fairly under the law. Discrimination has no place in a courtroom, and their attorneys know how to fight against these tendencies. Call our firm at (972) 423-4405 today to schedule a free consultation to discuss the situation that you’re facing.

Child Sexual Abuse Lawyer in Fort Worth

The law firm of Stuckle & Associates PLLC primarily focuses its practice on sexual offenses involving children throughout Texas. These offenses quickly cause emotions to become involved in a case, as it can be difficult to see the offense objectively. This can make it extremely difficult to fight against an allegation involving a minor, as law enforcement, judges, and jurors are eager to protect children. Not every accusation is made in good faith, however, and some can simply be the product of a misunderstanding.  A well-intentioned tip may lead to life-altering consequences when assumptions are made.

Stuckle & Associates PLLC take on a range of issues involving minors and sexual misconduct, including child molestation, child sexual abuse, statutory rape, date rape, indecency with a child, and sexual offenses committed by juveniles.

Family Violence Offenses in Fort Worth, TX

There are many other instances of family charges that carry negative stigmas, and Stuckle & Associates PLLC are committed to ensuring that their client’s rights are respected in every situation. Some of the other charges that they defend clients against include domestic violence, kidnapping, abandoning a child, and endangering a child. These offense carry serious penalties and consequences that can affect your future opportunities. When so much is on the line and the cards stacked against you, it is important to quickly enlist the aid of an experienced Fort Worth attorney.

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Forth Worth Sex Crime Resources

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Hiring a Defense Attorney for Sexual Abuse Charges in Fort Worth

If you or a loved one is facing the serious allegation of a sex crime against a child, you need to take steps to protect your future. You’re already fighting an uphill battle, and you need the help of an experienced Forth Worth attorney to ensure that your rights to unbiased judgment are being upheld. Stuckle & Associates PLLC can aggressively fight for you, even in a challenging scenario. Call (972) 423-4405 today to schedule your free consultation to discuss your individual circumstances.

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