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Garland Sexual Abuse Attorney

When you are accused of a sex crime against a child in Garland, Texas, the odds are against you. It is incredibly difficult to fight against an allegation of abusing a minor, but defending your future is of the utmost importance. If convicted, you face a taint on your record that can affect your entire future. You may be required to register with the sex-offender registry, and you will be limited in your future employment, education, and housing opportunities.

Whether you’re the victim of a misunderstanding or a malicious false accusation, a child abuse charge threatens your entire future. Child protective services are already moving against you, and you need to take steps in your defense. Enlisting the aid of an experienced defense attorney will get you started on the right track.

The skilled lawyers at Stuckle & Associates PLLC focus on crimes involving minors, sexual abuse, and domestic violence. They know exactly what you’re up against, and they know the struggle in front of you. They can analyze your unique case and explain your options to you while proactively pursuing your defense. Call them today at (972) 423-4405 to schedule a free consultation.

Sexual Abuse of a Minor in Texas

When a minor is a victim in an accusation, emotions can run high and cloud the objective view of the law. The instinct to protect children can interfere with the rights of the accused to be presumed innocent without proof of guilt. There are many reasons why a charge of sexual abuse against a child in Garland can be the result of a misunderstanding, such as a young child repeating something heard from a film without understanding the meaning. When a situation like this occurs, the accused individual often finds themselves backed into a corner with little hope of defending themselves.

Charges Related to Minors and Family Violence Within Garland

Because the city of Garland crosses the borders of multiple counties, it may be confusing as to where you may need to appear in court, or what County had jurisdiction in your case. Most cases should be handled by the Dallas County court, but any paperwork that you receive should be marked with the correct County. It is important to take note of which County holds jurisdiction, so that paperwork and appointments can be handled properly.

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Legal Resources in Garland

Texas Department of Family and Protective Services – this department provides services for cases of abuse or domestic violence throughout the state of Texas. The website includes a lot of information about reporting abuse, and various forms associated with domestic issues. The state office can be reached at (512) 438-4800.

Garland’s Resource of Helpful Numbers – The city’s webpage provides a list of useful numbers, such as adult protective services, domestic violence hotline, and others.

Dallas County District Attorney’s Office – The district attorney’s office in Dallas County may be involved in prosecuting your case. The website contains information about different departments, including child abuse and family violence.

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Hiring a Sex Crime Defense Attorney in Garland, TX

Time is of the essence in defending your freedom and future against a sexual abuse charge. The attorneys at Stuckle & Associates PLLC can insure that your rights are protected during each phase of the proceedings while keeping you informed through each step. Call them today at (972) 423-4405 to schedule your free consultation in Garland and start the process to protect your future.

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