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Zero Tolerance & No-Drop Policies

“In the Domestic Violence industry, when the accusation is made, the case is closed.” John Maguire, The Booming Domestic Violence Industry, Massachusetts News

In response to need to supply the necessary bodies to perpetuate the domestic violence industry, law enforcement has adopted a new tool: Zero Tolerance.

What does “Zero Tolerance” mean? Two police officers will be dispatched to a home regarding a domestic disturbance. They will not arrive empty handed. Patrol units, equipped with computers, enable officers to quickly determine if this address has had any prior domestic incidents. Officers will know the complete criminal history of each spouse before arrival.
The police will typically find a household in which a man and woman have argued and are emotionally upset. The officers will separate the parties and conduct a brief interview of each one’s version of events. The police will look for physical signs of violence, such as bleeding, red marks, or scratches on the individuals. They will also search the house for signs of a struggle, thrown ashtrays, knocked over furniture, spilled food or drinks, pictures askew on the wall, etc.

Then the two officers will confer with each other and compare stories. A decision to arrest will then be made. This entire “investigative” process can be completed in mere minutes, with the arrest decision made in a split second.

“What couple does not encounter stress, especially when they have children? But in the fever of emotion, a woman can call “911? and have three police cars there in minutes. After this fateful act, she loses all control. The state prosecutes her husband whether she likes it or not. He is jailed and prohibited from returning home… And all they wanted was the police to defuse a tense situation…This policy (Zero Tolerance) is designed to accustom society (both police and victims) to the intrusion of the state into private lives. Couples are arrested just for having an argument. Neighbors phone the police. What’s next? Cameras in our homes just like George Orwell’s 1984?” Editorial, Winnipeg Free Press, “Zero Tolerance,”February 10, 2002

Grants To Encourage Arrest Policies

The Dallas County Texas Task Force on Domestic Violence was a federal grant award recipient in 1998 for $1,333,951. The title of the award, “Grants to Encourage Arrest Policies,” is a federal directive encouraging “Zero Tolerance.” The grant states: “Purpose: These funds will allow the Dallas County Task Force to continue ensuring arrests and prosecution of domestic violence offenders, provide counseling and support to victims, and ensure that victims have access to protective orders. Funds will support the addition of staff attorneys and prosecutors.”


Zero Tolerance by the Police Leads to a No-Drop Policy by the Prosecution

“Zero Tolerance” by the police leads to a “No-Drop” policy by the prosecution. An arrest means the case will be prosecuted. Prosecution offices associated with Family Advocacy Centers will proceed with the case even if the family situation has been resolved. An “Affidavit of Non-Prosecution” is ineffective as this legal document merely reflects what the victim wants to do. The affidavit indicates the family is in healing and desires to work on repairing the marital relationship. The Family Violence Industry does not consider salvaging the marital relationship as an acceptable end result. The “protectors” view of their job entails ending the relationship for the safety of the “victim.”

Prosecutors are not concerned with the wishes or needs of the real victim. The “No Drop” policy requires the case to go to trial even if the real victim wants the charges dismissed. “No-Drop” means the government will push the case all the way regardless of hardship upon the family. To the entrepreneurs of the Family Violence Industry, “helping” the victim necessitates separation of the family, enforced through protective orders, followed by divorce. In addition, the helping agenda probably includes loss of employment for the accused spouse, financial hardship, and adding unnecessary emotional stress to a family.

“Zero Tolerance” means that the government, not you, the government, knows what is best for your family and children.

If the government is so concerned about stopping family violence and helping families, why would they push prosecution when the family is asking them not to?

Is the government not listening to you and your family? Are they trying to destroy your home? Protect your family and rights now. Contact Us Immediately!

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