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The Creation of a False Allegation

Nothing incites the fury and anger of any community like the discovery of a reported child molester in the neighborhood. Unfortunately no charge is easier to make against an innocent person and more difficult to disprove. The word of a child, whether mistaken, coached, or the result of a deliberate lie, is all that it takes to ruin lives.

The law firm of Stuckle & Associates PLLC is well aware of the relative ease in which a false allegation of child sexual assault can be made. False Allegations arise under a multitude of circumstances from children of any age and in every socioeconomic group.

Various independent facts can easily give rise to an innocent person being falsely accused of child sexual abuse. Certain situations and circumstances have cultivated false accusations against the innocent, for example:

  • False allegations have been made by spouses, and former spouses in a divorce or custody battle to seek legal leverage and gain the upper hand.
  • Teen age children have alleged abuse to get the disciplinarian father or family member out of the house.
  • School age children will fabricate abuse after observing “Good Touch, Bad Touch” type films at school.
  • Children know more about sex than our society is willing to recognize. They are bombarded with sexual overtones through the movies, magazines and advertisements.
  • Some children make false allegations for attention.
  • False Allegations are often made by emotionally disturbed adolescents with a specific agenda to hurt someone.
  • Some children make false allegations after hearing about real sexual abuses that have occurred to friends or classmates.
  • Sometimes a false allegation is made by a young child who does not understand the gravity and consequences of their words.

Often questionable remarks by children are misinterpreted by frantic family members and evolve into allegations by overzealous social workers. Once an allegation is made the child savers begin building a case against the accused. They do not evaluate the factual basis for the allegation or conduct a thorough investigation. Rather, they are convinced the child was abused, you are the abuser, and your fate is sealed. Due to the elimination of the accused’s fundamental constitutional rights, the mentality of the “child savers”, and the Child Saving Industry’s dependence on victims and perpetrators, our prisons are full of innocent persons.

Whatever the reason behind the allegation the law firm of Stuckle & Associates PLLC are here to uncover the truth and open the eyes of a system, which would rather keep them shut. We have many years of experience in demonstrating these ulterior motives and bringing justice to those falsely accused.

The Recipe for Conviction:

  1. “Outcry” from a child, interpreted as abuse;
  2. Reporting of the outcry by a person required by law to report any suspicion of child abuse, or someone with a hidden agenda or motive;
  3. A biased investigation by employees of the child saving industry;
  4. A biased medical report by a “nurse” contracted by the child saving industry;
  5. Syndrome evidence from an “expert” witness;
  6. Circumstantial evidence of the accused’s opportunity to be alone with the child.
  7. Motive or other variables leading to an accusation.

If you are being falsely accused of child sexual abuse the system is working against you! The law firm of Stuckle & Associates PLLC has years of experience and proven success in defending those falsely accused of child sexual assault. Contact Us to discuss your case. The time to act is NOW!

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