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Throughout the years, our attorneys have helped hundreds of men, women, and juveniles find the justice they deserve after being subject to false or exaggerated criminal charges. One of the many things that set Stuckle & Associates PLLC apart from other law firms is their commitment to providing clients with information about the legal system and how it relates to their specific situation.

A knowledgeable client is both an asset and an integral part of any successful case, no matter the apparent severity of the charges.

The following articles contain detailed information about the Texas justice system, including many unfortunate aspects that are ignored by the media at large. When you are facing such a system, it's important to have a keen understanding of more than just the charges you face.

General Information

Articles on Retaining a Sex Crimes Attorney

Articles on Child Abuse Cases

Articles on Domestic Violence Allegations

Learn More About Your Rights

The North Texas child abuse and domestic violence defense lawyers at Stuckle & Associates PLLC are highly-knowledgeable about these areas of focus. The attorneys are dedicated to creating an informed public so that individuals facing these serious charges understand that they do have rights and are treated fairly by the Texas criminal justice system.

Call (972) 423-4405 to speak directly with an attorney and learn more information about these topics and others. Hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney in Texas as early in the process often leads to the best results.