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Being arrested for a sex crime can be a shocking and overwhelming experience. It can be especially shocking if you were arrested based on false allegations. In many cases, an alleged victim’s complaint against you is enough to get you arrested for the offense. In order for the prosecution to formally charge you with the crime, evidence must be presented to the grand jury that shows that the prosecution has probable cause to believe you committed the offense. During this time, you can also present evidence that disputes the prosecution’s probable cause.

Before the grand jury hearing, it is vital that you hire an experienced criminal defense attorney who can help you prepare evidence that could possibly have your case dismissed before it ever goes to trial.

Denton, TX Sexual Abuse Attorney

Denton is a bustling college city in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area that is home to the University of North Texas. With well over 100,000 residents and over 35,000 students enrolled in the university, sexual assaults are commonly reported to local law enforcement. Often times, if an individual simply says he or she was the victim of a crime, it is enough for the alleged suspect to be arrested. Sometimes a rush to judgment by law enforcement can lead to an innocent man or woman being put through unnecessary embarrassment.

Stuckle & Associates PLLC are experienced defense attorneys who focus on protecting the freedom and rights of individuals who have been falsely accused of sex abuse in Denton. Paul Stuckle is a former police offer who prides himself on ensuring that his clients are treated fairly throughout the legal process, and will work tirelessly to disprove the false allegations that have been made against you. The law firm focuses on child sexual abuse, statutory rape, indecency with a child, online solicitation of a minor and child pornography, among others.

Call (972) 423-4405 or send an online message to schedule a confidential consultation on your case. Your initial consultation is free and is an essential first step in defending yourself against these false or exaggerated allegations. Our law firm provides critical guidance in cases of child sexual abuse, molestation, sexual assault, indecency, online solicitation of a minor, and domestic violence among others. 

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76201, 76205, 76207, 76209, 76249, 76259, 76266

Denton, TX Court and Legal Resources

Denton Police Department – This like takes you to the Denton Police Department homepage. This website contains information on crime prevention, sex offender registration, and more. The police department headquarters are located at:

601 E Hickory St
Denton, TX 76205
Phone: (940) 349-8181

Sex Offender Registry - Texas Department of Public Safety – This is a link to the website that allows individuals to gain information on the sex offenders living in and around their community.

Fifth District Court of Appeals - North Texas – This website provides information on the Fifth District Court of Texas. This includes information on recent cases, the appeals process, and other information.

United States District Court (Northern District of Texas) –This website contains information on the judge and the functions of the court.  Included are resources on civil and criminal rules, along with relevant addresses and numbers for the clerk's office and the pretrial office. The clerk’s office is located at:

1100 Commerce Street, Room 1452
Dallas, TX 75242
Phone: (214) 753-2200

Stuckle & Associates PLLC | Denton, TX Child Sexual Abuse Lawyers

If you have been arrested for a sex crime, due to the subjective views of society, you are fighting an uphill battle. Although it can sometimes be difficult to overcome the preconceived notions, it is not impossible. With the help of an experienced sex abuse defense attorney, you can successfully defend your reputation and protect your future.

The attorneys at Stuckle & Associates PLLC are an experienced and compassionate group of sex crime defense lawyers who understand what you are going through and will work hard to help fend off an overzealous prosecution. 

Call (972) 423-4405 to set up a consultation on your case. The consultation is free, confidential, and is the first step in getting your life back on track.