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Have you been falsely accused of child sexual abuse? Are you screaming and banging your head proclaiming your innocence and it is falling on deaf ears?

Do you think those falsely accusing you are out to get you? THEY ARE.

An arrest for any criminal offense can be problematic; however, an arrest for domestic violence or a sexual assault can come with much more serious consequences. A conviction for these offenses is often unimaginable, especially since they can impact child custody, employment, housing, and may even require registry as a sex offender. There are also other, less tangible consequences as the community may create a hostile environment for the offender.

The Texas criminal justice system is intended to protect our communities, but it is not perfect. False or exaggerated charges can send an innocent person to jail for lengthy periods of time and seriously affect their future. When subjectivity becomes involved in a case, objectivity can easily go out the door. The judge or juror may unfortunately be swayed by emotional evidence against your innocence, especially if you do not have an experienced defense lawyer at your side.

When your freedom and reputation is at stake, it's critical to use every tool at your disposal to secure a positive outcome. The defense lawyers at Stuckle & Associates, have a strong track record of success, and have helped hundreds of men, women, and juveniles across the state to regain their futures after such serious charges. Their experience and resources (including many nationally distinguished expert witnesses) is at your side during this difficult time. Call 972-423-4405 or send an online message for a free and honest assessment of your case.

Sexual Abuse Lawyer in Dallas-Fort Worth

The attorneys at Stuckle & Associates, understand what is happening to you. We are the law firm with the ability and power to defeat false accusations of child sexual abuse and save your life!

These charges can easily be brought, regardless of any evidence to the contrary. The lack of factual and scientific evidence is not a barrier to the prosecution. The State will attribute any indication of your innocence to the nature of the crime and the alleged victim. Further, any inconsistencies in statements, behaviors, interviews, or medical exams are twisted to fit the State's theory.

In a normal world, logic, justice, rational reasoning and scientific evidence such as DNA, seminal fluids, medical evidence of a torn hymen, and fingerprints would rule the day. Not in child sexual abuse cases. Child sexual abuse cases are in a realm of their own and the falsely accused of child sexual abuse have just entered the Twilight Zone. Lack of evidence IS evidence. Professional examinations that reveal nothing become "consistent with" abuse. Everything that the child does, says, or may do in the future becomes a product of this imaginary abuse, of which you are responsible.

So how do you react? The accusations of child sexual abuse are FALSE! You are being accused of sexually abusing or molesting a child. Perhaps your own child. The thought of these false allegations make you sick and repulsed. Your natural instinct is to "straighten this out". You think "If these investigators and case workers just hear my version they will surely understand and realize these accusations are groundless." This approach would be a normal reaction in a normal situation. However, not in child sexual abuse cases. In fact, by the time you become aware of the child sexual abuse charges the decision has already been made to prosecute.

Do not be surprised. The above conclusion was arrived at by the "child advocacy" team as soon as the allegation reached their desk. All of the remaining collection of "evidence" was mere window dressing to obtain their foregone conclusion: YOU DID IT.

False accusations of child sexual assault cases are very serious, difficult, and costly to defend. You have a decision to make and your reputation, future, family, and freedom depend upon that decision. Choosing the right defense team is crucial to your freedom.

Dallas-Fort Worth Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

Family violence can also be extremely driven by emotions and superficial details if you are not working with an experienced defense lawyer. False or exaggerated charges of domestic violence are not uncommon, especially if you are involved in a messy divorce or child custody battle. Even a charge for the offense is damaging. We fight to ensure that you are not convicted unjustly and that your future is protected.

When responding to a distress call, police officers will attempt to identify the aggressor and victim. Since these calls frequently end in the arrest of a party, it is not unheard of for the police officer to make an error in judgment and arrest a person based on a snap judgment. The alleged victim may also seek a temporary protective order, which can force you away from your family, household, and any interaction with the victim. All of this can occur before there is any conviction made.

Our defense lawyers are strong advocates for individuals charged falsely with domestic violence. These cases may also involve Child Protective Services (CPS). The sad fact is that many falsely accused parents make mistakes dealing with CPS because they do not understand the power and motives of the organization. Parents are often naive and believe their innocence will be quickly realized and the matter will be dropped. This is the biggest mistake parents make.

Few attorneys are experienced in defending families in CPS cases. CPS cases can only be successfully defended by an attorney with significant trial experience, specifically in false child abuse allegations. Paul Stuckle has that experience. False allegations must be beaten through dismissal or victory at trial. He believes strongly in proving the innocence of the falsely accused and has dedicated his practice to that principal. The firm's approach to child protective services cases in Texas includes:

  • Immediate intervention to put CPS on notice that you intend to fight for your children, your rights and to prove your innocence.
  • Step by step explanation of the CPS child-taking process. What is next for your family? How to prevent mistakes that could result in termination of your parental rights.
  • Prepare a vigorous defense for trial.
  • Aggressively defend you and fight on your behalf to have your children returned to your home or prevent their removal in the first place.
  • Fight for your right to have your children placed with relatives or friends instead of with strangers.
  • Protect your rights as a family.

If you have been charged with child abuse, kidnapping, violation of a protective order or another domestic violence offense, it's important to take immediate action. The longer you wait to build a defense strategy, the more time you give the prosecution to build a case against you. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your case, it's important to explore your legal options and work with an attorney who will not settle for the easiest way out.

Proudly Representing Men, Women, and Juveniles in Texas

The attorneys at Stuckle & Associates, strongly believe in the rights of an individual to a fair trial. They also understand the severe anxiety and concern you have about your future following such charges. Unlike most criminal defense firms, Stuckle & Associates, focuses exclusively on cases involving false or exaggerated charges of family violence or sexual crimes across Texas. This means that you will be working with an attorney who has worked heavily with sensitive and complex situations, such as the one you face.

Based in North Texas, the law firm is proud to continue its defense of the futures of people unfairly charged with domestic violence, child sexual abuse, and other sex crimes. They believe in the criminal justice system; however, an innocent person behind bars due to exaggerated or false charges is not the way the system was designed. Their fierce representation of individuals extends to those facing charges in Plano, Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington and across the state to Houston, Austin, San Antonio and other cities.

Given their extensive experience, strong track record, and focus on these delicate types of cases, they are frequently sought by individuals and families throughout the state, and even country. When you have such a high stake, it's critical to make sure that you are working with an attorney who is not only experienced, but believes in your worth. Call Stuckle & Associates and take the important first steps towards safeguarding your future from an unfortunate turn.